Tinatin Osmonova: “I’m very motivated to do more interesting research to travel a lot, and to meet new people”

Tinatin Osmonova, an Economics Master’s student at the American University of Central Asia. After graduating from the AUCA’s Economics Department last year, she decided to stay at her Alma Mater and do her best to continue being a good economist. In April 2017, she participated at the Sixth Annual Smolny International Student Conference where she presented her undergraduate thesis work. Tinatin received the highest mark possible on her thesis looking at institutional development in former Soviet states and Eastern Europe:

In April, 2017 I participated in the Sixth Annual Smolny International Student Conference (St. Petersburg, Russia). There were four students from different departments at AUCA, representing our university. At the conference, I presented on my senior thesis, “The Impact of Institutional Quality on Economic Growth of CIS and Eastern European Countries (1997-2014)”. The paper analyses the impact of Institutional Quality Index, which is equal to the average of six different components: “Control of Corruption”, “Government Effectiveness”, “Political Stability and Absence of Violence”, “Regulatory Quality”, “Rule of Law”, and “Voice of Accountability” on economic growth within the Commonwealth Independents States and Eastern European countries. Moreover, the work analyses the impact of each of the components to the economic growth of these countries.

I believe that this research was made possible thanks to the helpful recommendations and comments of my AUCA Professors. I would like to thank my supervisor, Professor Gregory Dunn, for the patient guidance, encouragement, and advice he has provided throughout my time as his student. I have been extremely lucky to have a supervisor who cared so much about my work, and who responded to my questions and queries so promptly. I would also like to thank the Professors of the Honors Seminar course, Nurgul Ukueva and Akylai Muktarbek kyzy, for their help and valuable comments.

Returning to my trip to Russia, I would like to stress that the Organizing Committee of the Conference provided me an opportunity to make friends with students from Bard College, Utrecht University, the European Humanities University and Saint Petersburg State University. I learned a lot from their presentations, and I took part of a few round table discussions and shared my own ideas. My friends and I had a great time in Russia. While we were in St. Petersburg, we went on a few tours, visited the Hermitage; listened to stories about St. Petersburg history, and found nice places to eat traditional Russian borsht. I fell in love with the city.

We also flew to Moscow and saw the sights there. Comparing two cities, I can say Moscow is crowded and noisy. Everyone is shouting, walking, dancing, and having so much fun in streets. Moscow never sleeps.

Participation at the Conference was a valuable experience for me. Now, I am very motivated to do more interesting research either in economics or in business, to travel a lot, and to meet new people.

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