Norwegian Professors teach Economics students

Two distinguished Norwegian Professors from Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) will teach at Economics program of AUCA. These two courses are part of series of courses that will be co-developed and co-taught in partnership with NMBU with the newly established Master’s of Science in Economics Program. The courses will be developed and taught in accordance with the high standards European education. Students will have the opportunity to have an authentic Norwegian academic experience. Many professors will be coming to AUCA to teach in the MSc. in Economics program as a part of the project.

In April 2017 Prof. Mette Wik and Prof. Marie Steen along with their AUCA counterparts Prof. Kudabaev and Kydyralieva will co-teach two Economics course as a part of the AUCA-NMBU Cooperation.

Prof. Wik’s research areas include development, poverty and behavioral economics. She has twenty years experience in international agricultural affairs, with specialization in the areas of development economics, food security in the developing countries, rural producer organizations, agricultural markets, gender and intrahousehold resource allocation, impacts of risk and uncertainty in rural communities and trade policies. Prof. Wik teaches at the graduate level in the field of agricultural and development economics.

Prof. Steen’s main interests are in commodity markets. She is now an associate professor at NMBU School of Economics and Business at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Her teaching involves management science, microeconomics, business economics and commodity market analysis. Her main research interests include commodity market analysis, risk modeling, forecasting and demand analysis.

The purpose of AUCA-NMBU Project is to promote world-class Economics education and strengthen the newly established MSc. in Economics Program. All Economics Master’s students will spend a semester taking courses in Norway through the project. The Master’s students will gain a unique experience taking high-quality courses at a leading Norwegian higher education institution.

The MSc. in Economics program’s mission is to establish a high-class graduate program at the cutting edge of research and teaching in the region. The Economics program continues to strive to provide the best quality education to its students through active cooperation with foreign universities (e.g. NMBU, Humboldt, NES, Duke) and international organizations (e.g. UN, GIZ, ELD).

More detailed information about MSc in Economics is available here.

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