The Goals and Results

The goals of the Bachelor of Economics program
The goals of the program were developed considering their coherence with the AUCA mission. So, according to the mission, the program prepares highly educated leaders with modern economic thinking.
The program is open to stakeholder proposals and is ready to take appropriate actions to revise and adjust the program’s objectives when necessary.
The program “Bachelor of Economics” is aimed at:
1) Preparation of highly qualified graduates with modern economic thinking, who possess theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for the analysis of economic phenomenas, preparation and implementation of effective economic solutions (Ob1)
2) Develop students’ curiosity and ability to conduct basic economic research and present their results. (G2)
3) Providing with the best local and international teachers in the field of economics in order to train and inspire the creativity and critical thinking of the best local and foreign students. (G3)
4) Integration into the international educational space (G4)
5) Stimulating science-research work of teachers and using the skills and results of researchs in the teaching process. (C5)

The educational program is developed taking into account the State Educational Standards of Higher Professional Education of the Kyrgyz Republic, the curriculum was approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, and the license for the right to implement this program was issued for an indefinite period.
To achieve objective of the program to provide students with the highly professional teaching staff, Economics department put emphasis on attracting teachers with a PhD degree from recognized world universities or local doctors, candidates of sciences with extensive teaching and practical experience. This approach gives positive results, which manifest in relevance and competitiveness of graduates.

Educational program results
The program makes efforts to create the most favorable conditions for students and academic atmosphere in order to promote high learning outcomes and improve the quality of its graduates. Teaching on the program (as well as in the whole university) is carried out in English, which greatly expands the possibility of access to information resources and new knowledge and makes graduates the most demanded and competitive workforce in job market. The graduate of the Bachelor of Economics program of AUCA should have the following competencies:

1. To be able to analyze the interconnection of economic phenomenas, processes and policies, using the obtained fundamental knowledge of modern economic theory (R1)
2. To be able to identify problems of an economic nature and propose ways to solve them (R2)
3. To be able to select, process, analyze and interpret data of socio-economic statistics (R3)
4. To be able to conduct empirical economic studies using econometric models and computer programs (R4).
5. To be able to present the results of analytical and research work in oral and written form (R5)
6. Have the skills of critical and objective thinking and ability to work in a team (R6)

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